Action On Hearing Loss

Taking Action On Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss are the UK’s biggest hearing loss charity. They wanted to create a bank of case studies that they could use on their website and to gather testimonies about living with hearing loss. They wanted a journalistic approach to the interviews, so that content could be re-visited and repurposed for various fundraising campaigns and awareness videos, not just one off videos. This meant creating content of high value for the charity which could not only create a number of videos for supporting various key messages of the charity, but also providing a number of quotes that could be used in print marketing as well.

Case Studies and Campaigns

We visited a number of their key contributors and spent a day with each, filming an in-depth interview with each person and creating a library of footage that could be used to compliment it. To date the footage has been used to create 5 case studies; an educational video (comprised of 3 of the contributors) describing what it is like to live with hearing loss; a number of videos re- edited in different ways to support key messages in the news; and a range of short video content for social media as part of an effective Christmas fundraising campaign.

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