Streetworks Software

Improving Safety In The Streetworks Industry

Streetworks Software commissioned We Do Stories to create an impactful video, that clearly demonstrated their streetworks management system, SwIMS. This highly intuitive management system has a very clear real time application. The company had found however that this was not always easy to clearly illustrate to new clients. The advantages were clear to those who had already used the SwIMS system, but recommendations took time. Streetworks Software wanted to expand their market and needed a video that could quickly and clearly show the benefits of their management system.

The video needed to appeal to anyone working within the streetworks industry. By using the SwIMS solution, it is easy to capture and utilise large amounts of data associated with utilities operations, and a visual way of showing this was needed.

With a trade show a few weeks away, they needed a video that could be played on their stand. The client needed their niche software to appeal to a wide audience. The video  needed to appeal to both managerial and administration staff, as well as utilities contractors on site.

Corporate Explainer Video

Our team created a 5 minute video that encapsulated what the software was, what it does, and used a variety of location footage to illustrate both the onsite and in office applications. The video comprised of interview with core team members, clearly signposting to some of the main advantages of the management system. By using footage that showed a real time application of the system, as well as graphics and interviews, the video was able to quickly showcase SwIMS to a new audience.

“We Do Stories were recommended to us and we employed them firstly to help us develop a product video. From start to finish they were highly attentive, took the time to understand our product and organisation and what messages we wanted to get across to our customers. At the same time, they provided guidance and valued input in terms of how best to go about the process. We felt nothing was too much trouble and they were really approachable. Our timescales were really tight and WDS really pulled out all the stops to make sure we had a professional product video in time for a key trade event.”

We have since delivered a second instructional website which works in compliment to the software. An additional 4 videos have also been created, to showcase their software in action and the practical applications.

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