About us

We help David beat Goliath with targeted marketing campaigns.

The story of David and Goliath has come to represent the underdog overcoming incredible odds in pursuit of their goals.
This is what we help our customers do daily. We help SMEs, non-profits, and purpose-driven brands win the hearts and minds of their customers, build trust and loyalty, and overcome the challenges involved in being a small brand in a big brand world.

Since conception in 2007, We Do Stories has grown to be a leading voice in the content and digital marketing industry. From our very first day, we’ve been on a mission to do good with digital media and impactful storytelling.

Established as a social enterprise, We Do Stories works with SMEs and non-profits to define their brands and craft sustainable marketing campaigns that reach further and achieve more than traditional marketing methods.

Joel and Anne Buckland experienced first-hand the positive impact that combining storytelling with digital media can have on people’s lives, through their work campaigning for non-profits around the world. They established We Do Stories to continue this work by making story-powered marketing accessible to organisations of all sizes and investing support in grassroots purpose-driven organisations.

We Do Stories has grown to become a community of agile, creative thinkers, innovative shapers and meticulous planners from across the UK, Europe and America. We’ve supported leaders from over 50 countries by training and resourcing, to build their brands and deliver impact-focused marketing.

On our journey, we’ve worked with the likes of Bill Gates in promoting STEM education, EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Leonard Cheshire in supporting disabled entrepreneurs, and with grassroots non-profits and social enterprises who create real-world lasting change.

We continue this journey by embracing new ways of working, building a global team with the same ethics and motivations, and supporting SMEs and purpose-driven organisations, through both our work and our volunteering.

We believe that, through better business, we can all be the change we want to see in the world.


Our website server and head office are powered by green energy, and we source carbon-neutral gas and offset any carbon emission we create.


We believe in supporting the disability community. 100% of our owners and a high percentage of our team identify as disabled. We believe this is in part why they are so good at what they do.

50% Female lead

Equality in the workplace comes in many forms. We're proud that 50% of our owners and leadership are female, and we strive to encourage more equality across roles and responsibilities.


Family is important to us. We've built a work structure that works around family commitments, while maintaining professionalism and results.

Our journey so far

  • 2007 - Good with digital media
    Our founder, Joel Buckland, worked to support Aegis Trust with their Fund4Darfur campaign to bring end to genocide in Darfur.

    Joel advised on the campaign and supported in the creation of campaign materials. He headed up a team of content creators, who documented campaign events and presentations with Mia Farrow, who was campaigning for the same issue.
  • 2008 - A new narrative
    Joel visited Ethiopia with a non-profit, to provide training and support to the Ethiopian government.

    This support included consultancy over how storytelling and digital media could change the country's national identity on a global scale, and increase tourism and business for the country.
  • 2008 - Man on a mission
    Upon returning from Africa, Joel got to work setting up the brand now known as We Do Stories. Its focus was to support purpose-driven organisations through the use of storytelling and digital media.
  • 2010 - Recognition
    We Do Stories received an UnLtd award, for its work with purpose-driven organisations.
  • 2013 - The missing piece
    TV Producer Director Anne Sutton returned from supporting a non-profit in Kenya during the Westgate siege and joined We Do Stories on the mission to do good with digital media.
    Anne helped to shape We Do Stories and became a co-founder of what the business is today.
  • 2015 - On the ground in India
    In 2015 We Do Stories visits India to provide training and to create content for local non-profits. It's at this time we start a very special friendship with a local charity who supports local micro-enterprises. A connection we still hold to this day.
  • 2016 - Fundraising through impact storytelling
    We Do Stories helps raise half a million for a children's charity by documenting the impact the charity has had around the world.
  • 2017 - On a global mission
    Our team support an international charity working in 190 countries with their social media and fundraising campaigns, alongside working with SME's to build local commerce.
  • 2018 - USA & Europe bound
    Our team were invited to the US and numerous countries in Europe to provide training on branding, marketing and organisational communication. This work resulted in a huge increase in revenue and engagements for the organisations involved.
  • 2018 - Partnering to support SMEs
    Back home our team work alongside the University of Derby to provide training to UK businesses on marketing and organisational communication.
  • 2020 - New beginnings
    In 2020 the world faced COVID 19, we chose to use this time to improve how we support businesses and non-profits by creating our online portal. Through it customers can manage their entire content and digital marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world.
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