Leonard Cheshire

Unearthing the Potential of Accessible Gardening for Disability Advocacy

The Challenge

Leonard Cheshire, a distinguished international charity supporting individuals with disabilities, partnered with We Do Stories on several campaigns over a five-year period.

Our mutual goal was not only to boost Leonard Cheshire’s visibility but also to promote disability inclusion, foster positive representations of people with disabilities, broaden their digital audience, and increase press coverage. We were entrusted with the vital task of amplifying the numerous impactful facets of Leonard Cheshire’s work.

We embarked on several campaigns together to build awareness, drive digital engagement, increase press coverage, extend their audience reach, advocate for disability inclusion and showcase the achievements of people with disabilities.

One such endeavour aimed to highlight the health benefits of accessible gardening and its role in Leonard Cheshire’s Can Do programme.

“In the UK and around the world, we work with partners to open doors to opportunity. We also work hard to break down barriers that deny disabled people their basic rights,” says Leonard Cheshire. Yet, for the cause to be understood and supported, they required more than a mission statement. They needed powerful storytelling and compelling content to drive home their message.

The Approach

We Do Stories provided consultancy services to Leonard Cheshire, helping them maximise social engagement and reach through digital content. One of the fruits of this collaboration was an innovative campaign centred around accessible gardening.

The campaign saw We Do Stories produce a series of videos with renowned landscape designer and BBC’s Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane. Focusing on tips for accessible gardening and advice on how to make gardens more disability-friendly, the videos served to inform, inspire and drive discussions on social media.

In addition, we provided striking photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Each day of the National Garden Scheme week, we released a new video, creating anticipation and increasing interest in the campaign.

The Results

The results surpassed expectations. The gardening videos received substantial engagement and ignited conversations around accessible gardening across social media. Shared across Leonard Cheshire’s, Mark Lane’s and The National Gardening Scheme’s channels, the campaign reached a broad and diverse audience.

Media coverage from industry and trade outlets, as well as regional news outlets, further elevated the campaign’s visibility. Beyond that, it encouraged gardeners with disabilities to share their stories, further raising awareness of the importance of accessibility in everyday life.

“Working with We Do Stories is always a complete joy. From beginning to end the staff and crew are warm and professional, and help the process move smoothly. If there are any hiccups, they managed to jump over these with discretion and alacrity. They go above and beyond the remit, and are a constant guide through the process. Above all, the finished product is delivered on time and budget. Can not recommend them more highly.”

Selina Mills – Senior Manager Leonard Cheshire

If you’re curious to see how We Do Stories can help raise awareness for your cause, book a discovery meeting with us today. We’re ready to bring your stories to life and generate the results that matter to you.

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