Championing inclusivity for the deaf community.

The Challenge

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) has long been a bastion of hope and support for the 12 million individuals in the UK affected by deafness, hearing loss, or tinnitus. With a heritage stretching over a century, RNID has tirelessly provided specialist care, championed inclusivity, and funded vital research. 

Yet, despite their extensive history, they faced a pressing challenge: raising brand awareness and shifting public perception. RNID’s goal was not just to inform but to transform public attitudes, end discrimination, and enhance accessibility across various life areas such as health, employment, and information access.

Recognising the need for a partner to tackle these challenges, RNID contacted our team for support. Our collaboration focused on the Action On Hearing Loss brand across multiple campaigns. 

The Approach

In response to this challenge, We Do Stories developed a multi-faceted strategy to bring RNID’s mission to the forefront of public consciousness. Central to our approach was authentic storytelling – capturing and sharing the real-life experiences of those supported by RNID. We delved into the personal journeys of individuals, showcasing the challenges and triumphs associated with hearing loss, the transformative impact of technology such as cochlear implants, and the broader implications on families and communities.

Our strategy combined traditional and digital PR tactics, ensuring a broad and impactful reach. We leveraged social media channels to share these compelling stories, carefully timing our content to align with significant events and peak public interest. A pivotal move was synchronising our content release with the airing of the “Breaking The Silence” documentary, an approach that significantly amplified public engagement.

The campaign’s backbone was a series of case studies, digital and print content, each carefully crafted to resonate with and educate the audience. This content not only highlighted the challenges faced by the deaf community but also provided insights into how societal adjustments and technological advancements could foster greater inclusivity.

The Results

The outcomes of our campaigns were remarkable. Channel 4’s decision to feature our stories across their platforms significantly increased RNID’s brand awareness and reach. The response from Boots, a major UK retail store, further underscored the campaign’s success. Their request to use our campaign materials in their stores across the UK was a testament to the campaign’s resonance and impact. This collaboration with Boots expanded RNID’s visibility and played a crucial role in integrating their message into everyday consumer experiences.

Quantitatively, the campaign exceeded expectations, surpassing our targets by an impressive 25%. This success was not just in numbers but also in the palpable shift in public awareness and attitudes towards deafness and tinnitus. The campaigns we spearheaded for RNID demonstrated the power of strategic storytelling and targeted PR in driving meaningful change and fostering a more inclusive society.

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