4 Reasons You Should Be Using Video in Content Marketing

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The argument for the use of video in content marketing is accompanied by some pretty convincing statistics and our video provides four of our top reasons why you should be using video in your content marketing.

In short, video has radically changed the ways that we can express our brands and interact with our audience. It’s powerful. With the continual increase of smart devices and consumption of content on mobile phones, people are used to being able to see what they want, when they want it. They want content that engages and informs them when they are ready to see it – not wait for a call back or a meeting – they want to know more about the brand or product they’re researching at the time that they’re researching.  Video is powerful. It not only relays information about who you are and what you do, it increases people’s trust and engagement with your brand and message. Effective videos can also create a very organic way of growing your own brand’s reach, way beyond your existing network. With the increased use of mobile devices the way that people consume information is rapidly changing, and they expect to see information easily, clearly and in a way that they want to engage with.

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