Migdal Plumbing

Website Design for a Local Business

Migdal Plumbing is a family run business based in Hertfordshire. They offer a range of plumbing and gas services and have been established for 9 years. Their old website had become very dated in both its appearance and content and didn’t display the full range of services that they had since developed.

As the company are always keen to achieve the highest possible standards of work for their clients, they were concerned that the website was giving the wrong message to potential customers.

The company wanted a new site that could showcase who they are and their full range of services. The website needed to be a simple, clean and attractive build, that provided helpful information to potential customers, and demonstrated the range of services that Migdal Plumbing offer.

The new website needed to feature their Instagram feed so that they could easily showcase their latest jobs. The site also needed to be easy to understand and navigate for their customers. The website also needed to clearly display up to date certification and also make it easy for anyone experiencing an emergency situation to contact them.

The team at We Do Stories devised a simple and attractive website layout for Migdal Plumbing. The layout is easy to navigate for both new and existing customers. The website contains simple and clear information that describes who the company are, the range of services that they offer, and the relevant certification that they hold. The contact form is clearly displayed to make the contacting process simple and easy to use. Client testimonials were also included, to demonstrate the quality of their work.

Migdal Plumbing’s Instagram feed has been included in the design of the website, to ensure that it is easy for the company to update the site with recent images of their work without taking too much time about from their job.

Since the website launched, the team at Migdal Plumbing have said: “Since the launch of the new website, we are getting many more customers. It’s working out really well for us

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