web design services​.

We created our web design services with SMEs in mind.

By providing scalable web design services, we’re able to cater to SMEs of all sizes, from one-pagers to full eCommerce stores.

Web Design Company Cambridge

Bespoke, mobile-friendly
web design services.

We pride ourselves on building beautiful, functional and user-friendly websites that our customers love.

We understand that SMEs need well-crafted websites that grow with their business and don’t cost the earth. Our sites are adaptable to fit around your needs.

We build on the world's most popular CMS.

There’s a reason WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). It’s versatile and highly customisable, easy to use and built with SEO in mind.

There is very little that can’t be done with WordPress, and because it’s so popular, you’re not locked in, meaning the website is genuinely yours.

We provide bespoke WordPress web design services that combine excellent user experience and beautiful layouts, to keep your browsers engaged.

Easy website management.

If you’re looking for professional web design that doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to use then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re happy to be as involved as you want us to be, which means if you want to manage your website then you can, but if you want professional hassle-free support we’re here for you.

We build sites with all users in mind – ideal for your website visitors, as well as easy for you to update your own pages, post blogs and add items to your shop.

No longer will it cost the earth every time you want to make a change.

Websites built with marketing in mind.

Get your website working for you, with integrated marketing and sales tools.

Make the most out of your website by integrating lead capture forms, conversion tracking, email marketing signup forms, event calendars, an eCommerce store and more.  Track the success of your website with analytics and CRM integrations.

We’re here to provide web design services that fit with your marketing strategy. Not sure what you need? Speak with one of our team who can help you plan your website and maximise its effectiveness for your organisation.

Simple customer feedback system.

Your opinion matters. After all, the website will represent your organisation. That’s why we provide a simple-to-use feedback system during our design and build process.

We’ll send you a link to your development website, where you can click on the screen to make a comment and highlight sections of interest. All your feedback is automatically sent to our design and development team, who’ll be able to make any required adjustments.

We Do Stories are a very friendly, competent and professional organisation. They have produced a very fine website for us and were able to provide copywriting, photography and even a video. Their technical know how ensures that they are able to produce a website that looks the part, but also is found by search engines and works fast and smoothly.
Fred Burkitt
The Blue Tree Company


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, our websites are built on WordPress. WordPress runs approximately 30% of all the websites in the world. It’s trusted as a secure, user-friendly CMS and with most web design companies supporting and improving it.

Using WordPress means, you’re not trapped into a poorly managed, insecure proprietary system that will cost you a fortune if you decide to switch companies.

The time it takes to design and build your website depends on the features involved and how much time you can give the process.

With each web design project, we provide you with time to feed back on what you do and don’t like before making changes. If you provide feedback quickly, we may be able to complete your web design within a matter of weeks.

No website is the same. Before we begin the project, we’ll discuss how many pages you need and what features you want the site to have. These requirements impact the price and timescale of your web design project.

We’ll provide you with a clear breakdown during the proposal stage.

The first step to begin your web design project is to supply us with a brief. We’ll need to know a bit about you and your goals for the project, along with how many web pages you require and any features you want to include, for example, an events calendar, email signup forms, or learning management system.

From there we’ll provide you with a proposal and a breakdown of what is involved. Once you pay the deposit, we’ll get to work on creating your website.

Yes. Before we build your landing page, there are a few options to discuss, including what platform to build it on.

Sort of. Like most web design companies, we don’t own any servers. We’re just honest about it. Instead, we can set you up with the host we use, Kualo.

You’ll have the choice of managing the hosting yourself or, for a small fee, we can manage the hosting for you. As we speak the same technical language as Kualo, some of our clients prefer us to manage their hosting along with providing website maintenance.

For the most part, yes. The benefit of using an open-source CMS like WordPress or similar is that you can move web design companies with relative ease. We’d be happy to help in cases like this.

However, some web design companies don’t like their customers having the ability to move away, so try to lock you into their proprietary system. If you’re with a company like this, we will need to have a more significant discussion to see what is and isn’t possible.

Sure, we’d love to. We’re often asked what comes first, the web design or the content? This is a regular struggle when creating a new website. The two elements need to work in harmony with each other so you can maximise their impact.

Our copywriting team will be glad to help you write fantastic copy that is keyword-optimised to support your website’s search engine optimisation.

Yes. We design and build with SEO in mind.
Before we start the design, we’ll plan the website’s structure and internal links. As we build the site, we’ll optimise the content and code to give you the best chance of ranking in search results.

Keep in mind, SEO is more than your website and takes regular work to get and keep the ranking you may be looking for. We’ll be happy to help you with our monthly search engine-optimisation plans.

Yes. Before you build a website, you should have a plan. How will the website work with your marketing strategy? What is your sales process, and how can your website make the process easier and more user-friendly?

Our consultants are happy to help you answer these questions and more, to maximise the effectiveness of your digital presence.

Not at all. If you need help planning your website, we’re happy to discuss it with you and come up with a plan.

Our consultants will help you develop a plan that supports your marketing, branding and SEO requirements. We’ll let you know options and suggest ways forward. From there, you can make an informed decision on what to expect from your web designer.

Yes. The benefit of using a CMS is that it makes your website easy to update. With WordPress, you have access to thousands of free and premium plugins so that you can add new features at any time.

Yes. You don’t have to stick with the default WordPress dashboard. We’re able to customise the features and layout of your WordPress site to keep your site organised and easy to manage.

The first thing we’ll need from you is a brief. We need to know how many pages your site will be and what features you would like it to have. We also need to understand what your goals are for your website. If you have a brand guide, it’s essential to supply it at the beginning of the process.

If you are providing the content for your site, then we’ll need you to upload this to a storage folder, which we’ll supply for you. If we’re creating the content for you, then you won’t need to do this step.

Yes. Websites need looking after. Website maintenance can include backing up your website’s files, keeping plugins up to date and keeping your website secure. We’re happy to help you maintain your site on a monthly or weekly basis to keep it running smoothly.

Yes. Responsive websites are the standard for any new website. We offer three screen sizes as standard: desktop, tablet, mobile. If you require more than this, let our web designers know when you brief.

If you are providing the content for your site, then we’ll need you to upload this to a storage folder we’ll supply for you. If we’re creating the content for you, then you won’t need to do this step.

Yes. We are subscribed to Adobe Stock. This means we can supply images from their stock library at a lower rate than buying them yourself. If you require stock images for your website, please let us know your brief.

Yes. Some sites benefit from illustrations, whereas others benefit from a clean canvas. Either way, our team can create the right look and feel for your brand. If you know you’d like custom illustrations for your design, let us know in your brief.

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