How much
does it cost?

The question we’re asked the most after hearing about the various services we offer is how much does it cost? It’s an understandable question and one we wish there were a simple answer to. The problem is that marketing and PR services are bespoke to the organisation buying them. One person might want a 5-page website with one blog a month; another may be looking for a 100-page site and a fully managed marketing and PR package. Both of which we can offer but not at the same price.

That’s why we offer multiple payment methods for our services. We can provide marketing and PR solutions to organisations of all sizes on almost any budget size.

Content Marketing Price
digital marketing cost

Fully Managed
Marketing & PR

Our fully managed marketing and PR services mean we agree on a strategy for your marketing and PR and a monthly fee for our team to take the management and implementation of that strategy off your hards. We do all the hard work including the creative process for you and provide you with regular reports to keep you up to date with how well it’s going.

Perfect for busy business owners and organisations needing an in-house marketing team without the cost of having them in-house. Having us run your digital marketing and PR for you gives you the benefit from a team of marketing and PR executives, creative experts and developers for a fraction of the cost of hiring them all yourself.


For organisations looking to boost their teams marketing efforts or running a time-limited campaign, you may prefer a more “pay as you go” service. We offer this also.

Services such as video production, photography, training are quoted on a per-project basis, all you need to do is answer a few questions, so we have an understanding of your requirements. Once we agree upon the spec and budget, we then charge in three stages starting with a deposit.

For services such as blog writing and publishing, SEO management and PPC we charge a subscription for. This is due to the nature of the work. Each of these services is needed regularly in order to see the best results. The subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Managed Marketing Subscription

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