Your Body In Harmony

Keeping A Spring In Your Step

Your Body in Harmony is an Osteopathy practice that is run by Christina Raven in London and Hertfordshire. Christina wanted a video that would encapsulate to her existing and future patients, her approach and also showcase the impact that her treatment has had on her patients.

Christina has an incredibly relaxed manner and calming presence and we wanted to ensure that her personality came across in the film. We also wanted the film to convey the peacefulness of her treatment room that greets a patient when they first enter.

Christina herself has also had her own experiences of extreme pain, which have greatly shaped her approach as an osteopath. We wanted to ensure that her story was told in an empathetic manner, that could put a potential patient at ease, and feel like Christina would understand what they were going through.

Corporate Video

So that we could demonstrate impact, we used the testimonies of three of Christina’s patients to illustrate the impact that her treatment has had on their lives. The video was filmed on location in Christina’s practice in London, to illustrate the peacefulness of her treatment room, but also the calming energy that her patients are treated with.

Christina says:

“I was very impressed with the detail that WDS put into preparing for the one-day shoot at my osteopathic practice – co-ordinating with the patients who were being filmed, establishing the light and space available, and then with the preparation once they were there – making sure that the room looked right for camera, and then particularly with the way they helped my patients to feel relaxed with the whole process. They also helped me to feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera, whether with telling my story, or demonstrating exercises and helpful tips. The final edit looks really good, I am delighted to have had the pleasure of working with them, and look forward to possible further projects in the future.”

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