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Video Production for the 'Speaking into the Silence' Campaign

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TWR wanted to run a campaign through Europe, that would inspire and engage people with the history, work and vision of the organisation. As a large media charity that operates across the globe and in many languages, they wanted to create a fresh expression of the impact that they have had, inspire existing supporters and attract new ones. Operating for over 6 decades, they wanted awareness videos that would be effective and have impact. TWR are an international organisation who work in over 160 countries and languages.

The brief was to utilise effective storytelling, to attract an audience, and to reach a new one. Like many organisations, the shift in digital landscapes had led to a need to re-imagine how they connected with their supporters. In this brief, the preferred medium for storytelling was through video production. The videos were to be used as part of the in-house campaign ‘Speaking into the Silence’.


We developed an approach where stories of impact would be used to shine a light on key areas of the organisation. These stories wouldn’t come from within the organisation, but come from the lives that had been affected by the work that was done.

For the ‘Speaking into the Silence’ campaign, we developed 3 different videos. These were to illustrate different parts of the TWR story, through personal stories. It was through these people’s stories that we could illustrate the impact of the work of the organisation.

Each video by itself needed to showcase a story that resonated with their audience. 3 stand-alone stories were produced, that captured stories that resonated from their past, present and future. These videos re-inspired their existing audience in their impact, and also reached new audiences for the organisation and their work.

Over the course of their ‘Speaking into the Silence’ campaign, the videos received thousands of views through the initial Facebook posts and a significant number of shares. The videos are now housed on the charity’s YouTube page.

The videos have provided an ongoing resource of information of the work that the charity does and the lives that are impacted.