Stelios’ Philanthropic Foundation Awards 2017 & 2018

Business Awards for Exceptional Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Stelios’ Philanthropic Foundation Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs, works in partnership with Leonard Cheshire to reward those with disabilities who have demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and business ability in the face of significant barriers.

We were commissioned to produce a film that showcased the 5 finalists for the awards and their businesses. The film made a significant digital impact, and was enjoyed by a large audience at the awards ceremony in Chelsea in 2018.

The brief was to create a minute length video for each of the 5 finalists, to be shared widely online and to be shown at the awards ceremony in London. The films needed to clearly encapsulate the heart, story, and journey of the finalists and their enterprises. All of the finalists had made significant achievements against all perceived odds. Each film combined visual and creative storytelling that emotionally engaged the audience and got to the heart of the inspiring stories.

The team at Leonard Cheshire said:

“Working with We Do Stories is a complete joy. From beginning to end –  the staff and crew are warm and professional, and help the process move smoothly. If there are any hiccups, they managed to jump over these with discretion and alacrity. They go above
and beyond the remit, and are a constant guide through the filming process. Above all, the finished product was delivered on time and budget. Can not recommend them more highly.”

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