BIG Health & Fitness

Changing the face of Fitness

BIG Health and Fitness are a unique fitness organisation based in Bedfordshire, that specialise in making fitness accessible to everyone. The team specialise in working with people from a wide range of abilities and cultural backgrounds, and they needed an updated website that would showcase their current services and resources, and prepare them for future growth. They also wanted to produce a new range of photographs for the company and also digital PR services.

BIG Health and Fitness commissioned We Do Stories to create a website that would display clearly the inspiring journey of transformation that is at the heart of the organisation. They wanted it to be an attractive and encouraging place for people who might be interested in their approach to fitness. The website also needed to contain a members portal, where members could book into classes and fitness sessions.


We Do Stories created a specifically designed website for BIG Health and Fitness and also created all the content, including copy and photography. The aim was to create a site that was in keeping with the BIG Health and Fitness brand, encapsulated the stories of its founders, and also provided an inspirational and encouraging space for people who wanted to know more. The site needed to be easy to navigate, and also easy for the BIG team to update as and when they needed to.

Graham Waugh, CEO of BIG Health and Fitness says: “the We Do Stories team are a superb team who always find the best way forward for us. I really hope to have them at our side in all that we do. They have changed the way we think about all aspects of our business. I would¬† recommend them for any business

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