Podcast Production

Add podcast production to your content marketing strategy to reach people through smart devices and on the move.


As smart devices have become more commonplace, the need for audio content has risen. This has given the podcast industry a boom, with many marketers and brands deciding to start producing podcast as part of their content marketing.

Podcast production is more than recording and uploading. To be found, the podcast needs to be optimised with the right meta information and submitted to the proper distribution platforms.

To make a podcast popular you also need a well thought out podcast production strategy, great guests and a talented presenter to keep the conversation going. This is where our podcast management can help. We take the stress of managing podcast production away. By developing a strategy, managing the talent, booking guests and overseeing the technical side of the show. We’ll then distribute the content to the right channels to be found. We help your podcast become a success.

Podcast Management Hertfordshire
Podcast Production


There are many ways to record a podcast. People can use everything from talking into their phone to full studio setups for their podcast production.

Our team have the experience and equipment to get you the sound you want, whether you’re looking to record on location with one of our location sound recordists or in a soundproof studio with a sound engineer.

Getting the recording right is vital to your podcast’s success.


It’s rare to hear a professional podcast without edited audio to improve the quality of sound or to add in branding and sound effects. Not to worry. Our team provides full audio editing using our broadcast standard edit facilities.

We have an extensive library of sound effects, and can provide music and audio branding upon request.

Podcast Production Hertfordshire

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