7 Tips for Mobile Video Production

7 Tips for Mobile Video Production

Introduction to Mobile Video Production According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% each year, and is showing no sign of slowing down. We’ve said it many times before,

Why you should be a thought leader

Why you should be a thought leader

What is a thought leader and how do you recognise one? This is a question you may not have considered before, along with the reasons why you should be a thought

The World Of Virtual Reality In 2017

The World of Virtual Reality in 2017

2016 has seen Virtual Reality explode not only onto the market, but into our homes, work and play areas. It has shown itself to have the potential to engage an


The Science of Storytelling

The Science of Storytelling & Why it Matters The Science of Storytelling can explain just how important and influential stories can be in our lives. Stories are everywhere – we

Cloud storage why do I need it

Cloud storage, why do I need it?

You don’t need me to tell you that in today’s media content is king. The internet is hungry for text, images, and video, and with the rapid adoption of VR

Making The Case For Virtual Reality

Making the case for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is taking its place as one of the key players in 2016 with a rapidly expanding market. We’ve pulled together a few case studies that show just how

What the new Instagram feed means for you

What the new Instagram feed means for you

As you may have heard, Instagram has recently announced its plans to change the way the Instagram feed appears. Instead of the chronological order that users have enjoyed since 2010,

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