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Improve your online reach with keyword research

For many people, a search for a product or service starts online. The search usually takes place in a search engine such as Google. To ensure that your business or organisation is found online for the right things, you have to tell Google what term you want to be seen under. This is done in many ways including adding the keywords to your website copy, making sure those keywords are in the right places with the correct HTML attached and how you structure your website. How do we know what the right keywords for our organisation are, I hear you ask.

Knowing the right keywords for your business

Choosing the right keywords for your business will mean the difference between a successful or a not so successful campaign. While you may have a good idea of what you think people are searching for, the reality can be very different. Terms that may make sense to you might not be the popular terms people are using to find sites like yours. Thankfully there are tools to help us get the data we need to know what people are searching for and what terms are doing damage to the success of our websites. Using a structured and well-executed approach will help you to avoid the pitfalls of targeting the wrong keywords, wasting lots of time and money in the process.

Our Keyword Research Process

Our team work with you to research the correct terms for your website that’ll maximise traffic from people looking for what you do. We’ll start by talking to you about your business and your goals for your website. If you have an SEO strategy, our team will research the keywords based on that strategy. Don’t worry if you don’t; we can help you with that.
If your website is already active, we’ll take a look at the terms you are currently using and how well they are performing.
Our team then goes to work on developing a database of keywords based on popularity, relevance, costs per click (for PPC campaigns) and competitor rating.

These keywords are incredibly helpful when structuring a website, writing webpage copy, writing blogs, running a pay per click campaign and developing both an SEO strategy and a content strategy.

If you would like help with your keyword research, we can conduct the research and planning and then execute your keyword strategy, saving you time to focus on the day to day running of your business.