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Copywriting that speaks to the heart & Head

The way in which we craft words has a profound impact on achieving the results we are hoping for. Words can inspire, challenge and comfort, or they can bore people and confuse them.

A great writer is like a good painter, who knows exactly where to put the light and the shade in a painting to encapsulate an image that an audience will want to spend time exploring. Words can pull their audience in on a powerful journey, help people visualise things that they can’t see, and feel emotions beyond their own experiences. Words help people feel like their part of someone else’s journey and can encourage others to care about the things that you care about, enticing them to want to engage with your brand, mission or movement.

So why would you not hire a professional copywriter to produce the right words for your website, marketing and emails?

Hiring a professional copywriter

Professional copywriting is all too often looked over when planning digital projects. Companies are often guilty of leaving their writing to the intern or a member of the team that already has far too much on their ‘to do’ list.

When a company needs a new logo they go to a graphic designer. If they need a new branded video they go to a video production company. So when you need professional written content, speak to one of our professional copywriters who will be able to guide you on the tone and style that works for your brand, and what copy is likely to convert someone to a sale or donation and what isn’t. Our copywriters can help you avoid the common pitfalls in online copywriting that harm your usability and potentially your search engine ranking.

When hiring one of our copywriters we’ll ask you a few questions that help us get an understanding of who you are speaking to, and what you would like to achieve. We discuss with you what values you want to convey in your communication and what makes you different. Our getting to know you leads to unique copy that goes beyond search engine ranking and passing on information, but instead helps you build a relationship with your readers that speaks to their hearts as well as their heads.

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Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting for SEO

Copywriting is as much about where the words are going as what the words say. Writing for print media is considerably different to writing for websites and online platforms. Our copywriters know where to put the right keywords for your webpage without keyword stuffing, a very frowned upon mistake writers make online.

Ever found yourself writing too much or too little? Writing for a digital audience can be tricky. Information needs to be consist and compelling, sticking to the important aspects without taking out all the nuances. Writing too little can be just as problematic however, as search engines may see your page as an error page or may choose not to display it in the search engine results at all.

With one of our professional copywriters you’ll be benefiting not only from their writing skills but their up to date understanding of search engines and digital culture, which is vital to succeeding online.

At the end of the day, good writing is a craft – the words are interesting to read, add value to the audience (and by this I mean that the audience gets to the end of the article having learnt something more than when they first started reading), and entertains.

Think about the last book that you read that you just couldn’t put down. It pulled you into a world that you knew nothing about, and made you want to spend time there.
This is how we treat our copy. Ensuring that whether it’s a web page, an article, or a blog, that each word has a reason to be on the page and adds value to the overall experience by being there. We want people to keep coming back to find out more, and not leave at the end of the first paragraph or even sentence.
So if you’ve got this far and you like what you’ve read contact our team to discuss how we can help you with your copywriting needs