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providing content people want

The objective of a good content marketing strategy is to provide content that people find “valuable”. That value comes in many forms, for example, content that entertains or educates tends to perform better for content marketing than content that’s sole purpose is to sell. Content of value, as we call it, builds trust and fondness in an organisation and lets people know what the brand stands for and their expertise. In turn, customers feel more confident in their purchases, and supporters feel valued in their efforts and donations.

The team behind We Do Stories have produced content for some of the biggest brands in the world, including the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic as well as local and national newspapers, magazines and digital platforms for Porsche, James Villa Holidays and more. We specialise in the use of storytelling to engage audiences’ hearts and minds and connecting with people’s emotional values.

developing a content marketing strategy

We’ve taken the best from our experience working in the broadcast and news arena and applied it to the digital landscape. Our goal is to allow any brand or organisation to become its own newsroom or digital channel specialising in areas of interest to them. Our team will work alongside you to teach you techniques used by professionals to manage their content marketing workflow. We’ll help you develop a content calendar and generate a content plan that will increase your SEO results and social engagements. By developing and planning out a professional content marketing strategy, you’ll no longer worry each month about what to blog about or what social posts to share. At the beginning of the process we’ll discuss the goals for your content marketing strategy, the duration the strategy will be used for, i.e. three months, six months or a year, your budget and any support you may require for the production of the content.

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Content Production

Who better to produce your content than the people behind prime-time broadcast programmes and news content? We’ve brought together top broadcast and digital professionals to build a team unlike any other, and our focus is to see you grow. By providing quality video production, photography, copywriting and graphic design services we produce engaging content that has received hundreds of thousands of views and engagements online. Work for our clients has been picked up and passed on by broadcasters spreading our clients’ message to their huge audiences, and the work we’ve done on charity campaigns has helped raise over half a million for good causes.

As you can imagine, we are pleased with the results we’ve created for our clients, but we’re not stopping here. As a social enterprise, our mission is to see more positive impact for our clients, and through the work they do.

Our production team are used to working with local business as much as they are creating digital content all over the world. No matter how big or small your project we’d love to help, call our team today for an initial chat.

Our Content Marketing Services

Effective content marketing starts with a content strategy. We’ll help you plan your content marketing including getting the most out of your budget, developing a content calendar and planning content based on keywords and goals

Video production is increasingly important for digital engagement, with record numbers of videos being uploaded and watched each day. Our team can help your video be professional quality and tell a compelling story

Capturing that perfect moment takes experience and understanding. Our team produce high-quality photography for your marketing, be it reportage, portrait or aerial

Our graphic design team go beyond just logos, they can support you with your entire brand identity, including infographics and social media artwork

Writing for marketing or online platforms is more than placing words on a page. Our professional writers create SEO friendly copy in your brand’s tone that is engaging, and that people want to read