How To Use Music To Create Emotion In Your Video Marketing Content

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Video ads should evoke emotion in the viewer. Music evokes emotion. Therefore video and music is the perfect chemical balance…

…providing you play the right music to go with the visual in your video promotion!

TV advertisers realised that “sonic branding” over visual branding is advantageous thanks to the power music has to establish an emotional connection with the audience.

Music can create mood and use it to emphasize their message. It also stays in the memory. It is possible therefore for a particular product to be recalled whenever your audience hear the piece of music played outside of your marketing ad.

What should I consider when selecting a piece of music?

Before deciding on a piece of music to accompany your video marketing ad, you should decide on the role music will play in delivering your message.

Will music be used as a support – with intros and outros – or will it drive the marketing message?

You should also consider how much using the piece will cost. Most modern music will carry a copyright licence which means you have to pay a user fee. Otherwise, use royalty-free music from music libraries.

Before you use a piece of music for advertising content, get clued up on what licences you can use and what you have to do to be given permissions for copyrighted materials.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid copyright issues is to compose an original piece of music. If you are not musical, consider hiring a composer.

You also need to consider what impact the music will have on the audience. If it is too overpowering, the audio may detract from viewers from the visuals and ultimately your product.

For example, if you intend to mention some of the finer technical details of your product, you need background music and not a powerful stadium sound that will have viewers breaking out into song and playing air guitar.

Using intros and outros

If you have an ad that is predominantly voice-based, it doesn’t mean you have to dispense with music altogether.

Unless you want an all-action, hard-hitting signature tune to boost the thrill of visuals in your ad, use intros and outros to set the tone and round off your message.

You can use simple music samples to ease the viewer into your ad and complete the video. But you can also fade the music in and out during lulls.

What type of music should I include in my video ad?

You can use music from any genre. Even jazz will work and is underused so maybe a better option than say classical music which is a default option among marketers.

If the music is right for the tone and mood you want to create, does not detract the audience from your brand message and you can pay the copyright fee, the type of music you choose is not relevant.

You could tap into one of the popular music trends being aired on the radio. But then you should consider the shelf-life of the piece, is it so overplayed it is beginning to grate on people, and again the cost.

To get some ideas, check out this compilation of video ads. You will find good examples of when music is done well in video marketing – and when it is not!

Appealing to music cultures and branding

You might even want to create your own jingle. Although little ditties are less used than popular music or well-known tunes, they are original – and if done well can stick in the mind which is good for brand image.

Another option is to tap into your audience. What type of music culture are they most likely to listen to? For example, if you sell skateboards, your audience may prefer one of the alternative rock artists over a boy band.

And could demographics play a part in your video? Traditional music can be used to target a local audience, highlight a cultural part of the world or mark a special time of year.

If you have a broad audience, you may want to go with something “middle of the road.” If you want music with broad appeal that does not alienate your audience, go with something that has plenty of harmonics.

Music adds flavour to video marketing ads and the power sonic branding has to engage your audience and generate interest cannot be underestimated.

The decision of whether or not to include music in your video ad is a foregone conclusion. The toughest decision is which piece of music will best compliment the visuals.

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