Content Creation vs Content Curation: Which content marketing strategy is right for you

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In an age where many communicate both on and off line, the platforms available to share your brand’s content are wide and varied, meaning there are an amazing amount of opportunities to engage others with your story. Brands and individuals create ‘content’ to help raise awareness of their story, their brand and engage others in conversation.

But how do we best make use of this? We currently see incredible amounts of content consumed and shared each day, how can we keep up?

This is where a well researched strategy that holds a blend of content creation and content curation comes in. Content creation describes content that has been created specifically for your brand. Content curation describes content that has been created by other brands that your own brand can comment on and share.

It’s like a smoothie where the overall outcome is a complete drink, but it’s often blended from a mix of fruit that’s a mixture of fresh and frozen.

The creation part is the exciting bit which really helps create content which you get to design, create and share. Meaning that you have complete control over how you and your brand are represented. This can be anything from blogs, videos, podcast, photos, infographics, white papers and many others.

The great thing about your own content is that you’re able to have complete control over your message and how it’s said. It also means that others then act as an extension of your marketing team – sharing your content and spreading your own message wider.

The down side is that it could be a full time job generating your own content daily.

This is where content curation comes in. Many people each day are sharing inspiring messages and content that might well help to boost your own message. By engaging with the posts it helps to increase audience, and by sharing other people’s content, it shows your own native audience that you’re keeping an eye out for current trends, thoughts etc

There’s just one thing to bear in mind with curation – make sure you’ve read or watched the content first to ensure that it is in keeping with your brand’s message. It’s sometimes easy to get carried away with a headline and then realise that the article/video/podcast wasn’t quite saying everything you thought it was.

So there we have it, a mix of content curation and creation is the perfect blend for your content marketing strategy.

Speak to us today to find out more about a bespoke strategy of content creation and content curation can help your brand.

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