5 ways to use Instagram Stories in your marketing

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Instagram Stories may only have been around for a short time but they are certainly making an impact when it comes to social media marketing. Through short videos or images that are posted directly to your ‘My Stories’ feature you can share engaging content with your followers. As Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours they aren’t going to be around forever. They appear in a different feed so won’t clog up timelines. The added benefit of this is you get more exposure by maximising your feed and your stories.

Here’s how to make the most impact with Instagram Stories

Make them engaging

Seriously though….consider what people will be interested in. What would you like to see? Humour, education, information – all of these things are more likely to engage an audience than a flat image of your products. Shoot short videos of your team – perhaps something funny is happening in the office. Maybe something hasn’t gone quite right or perhaps you have something to celebrate. Why not post a video of your office comedy moments.

Change up the content from your usual feed

With Instagram you need to give some thought to your feed, with Instagram Stories you don’t have to worry as much about what makes the perfect post. Whilst you don’t want to make any social media mistakes you can afford to be more spontaneous. Don’t overthink and post the content that perhaps you wouldn’t post on your usual timeline.

Use the ‘tapping’ feature to tell a story

Many brands use the Instagram Stories feature to take a sequence of images that tell a story. Using the edit functionality to write text or add symbols makes your stories more spontaneous and creative. The last image can be a call to action with a promo code or action to take.

Show behind the scenes footage

How are your products made? What are the different steps? Instagram Stories allow you to create content that shows the back story of your products or services. Whilst you may not want to put it out there on your permanent feed you can use stories to share insights of your business. It shows off a more human side to your business and can increase trust.

Prove the benefits of your products

This isn’t always easy to do. You make claims about your products but how do you prove it? What about the questions like “how will that colour look on me?” Take make up for example. You can show the products being used on different skin tones or how a piece of clothing looks on a fuller figure. Get creative and use it to your full advantage.

Now there are many more ways you can use Instagram Stories. The key is to experiment with what works for you and to not be afraid of it. Instagram Stories are a great way of adding colour and personality to your brand.

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