About Us

We’re an independent, family run business with a big impact. 


Digital communication brings people from all different backgrounds, cultures and communities together.
By empowering these communities with digital communication skills, we believe we can make positive grassroots impact together!

Our goal is to see all people empowered to connect, communicate and make the change they desire.
Be that through entrepreneurial endeavours, social impact campaigning or non-profit work.
This is why we setup We Do Stories as a social enterprise to support the changemakers of the future.

Digital Marketing Creative Agency Hertfordshire

Our Story

We Do Stories was started by husband and wife team, Joel and Anne Buckland. After over 15 years each working in the media industry for brands such as BBC, Nat Geo and the Discovery Channel they came together to create the social enterprise to use their skills and experience to create positive change in society.

Soon after, Joel’s brother Karl joined the team, with over 12 years experience working in the software and web development industry. With this addition to the leadership team, they were able to expand their services to a full digital marketing and creative agency.

The company has since grown to work internationally delivering branding and marketing training, digital marketing and web design services and content production in over fourteen countries worldwide. The team is made up of like-minded staff and contractors across the UK, Europe and America allowing us to deliver impactful and creative work from multiple perspectives.

Still driven by their goal of supporting grassroots organisations, We Do Stories operates as a social enterprise providing support to grassroots social enterprises and charity through their grant system.

Our leadership team

Joel Buckland

Founder & CEO

Joel is our strategist and architect, his unique way of seeing the big picture, and the pieces it’s made from gives him insight into the great journey organisations are on and how they can communicate that message to their fellow quest mates.

His heart is to equip pioneers so that they can model out and lead the change they desire, through effective communication.

Anne Buckland

Co-founder & Head of Content

Anne is our facilitator and campaigner. Her ability to pull together the details of any story and connect them beautifully and clearly, provides organisations with creative expressions of their message that cuts to its heart.

Anne thrives on equipping people and organisations to understand the value in themselves and the opportunities around them.

Karl Buckland

Head Of Web Development

Karl is our problem solver and logician. His analytical approach to all things technical provides innovative and insightful technical solutions to everyday issues to help communication go smoothly and feel natural.

He is driven by finding solutions that fit naturally into people’s lives.